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Invisible Speaker

LineaResponse X™ (LRX) -

LRX Series.jpg

Introducing the all new LineaResponse X™ (LRX) family of expert-grade invisible speakers from Stealth Acoustics.  Incorporating advanced carbon fiber materials, new lamination processes known as FidelityGlass AdvancedTM along with enhanced driver sets, the LRX Series is Stealth’s growing line of the highest performing and best sounding invisible speakers on the market today.

For demanding audiophiles that seek impeccable audio performance yet desire the aesthetic benefits that only true invisibility can offer, Stealth’s new LRX range raises the bar for invisible speakers to an unprecedented level.

LineaResponse G™ (LRg) -

LRG series.jpg

Stealth Acoustics LineaResponse G™ (LRg) Series invisible speakers are cost-effective and proven to rival the sound quality of comparably priced visible speakers.

The Stealth LRg series are award-winning invisible speakers with extremely broad coverage and ultra-smooth extended frequency response.  This makes any speaker or subwoofer in the LRg lineup a great choice for a highly reliable and incredible sounding invisible sound system.  With four full-range models and two subwoofers (from Bg series) to choose from, the LRg family of products provides a solution for nearly any requirement.

LineaResponse B™ (Bg) -

Bg series.jpg

Stealth Acoustics Bg series is a high quality range of sub woofers that become completely invisible after installation. Ideal for any surround sound, foreground music or whole-house audio system that needs extra bass output.  Audiophiles no longer need to be bound by the limitations of traditional box-type external subwoofers.

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StingRay - 



Creating a speaker that can take on nature’s toughest elements is no easy task but with the StingRay line of environmentally durable speakers, Stealth Acoustics has done just that !

The StingRay family utilizes the same technology behind the award winning, full range LineaResponse indoor invisible speakers, built into a fully sealed outdoor enclosure.  With no exposed grills these speakers achieve an unprecedented environmental protection rating of IP68 and are at home in rain, sun, and dust and from -18o to 65o C.  The product range has been certified for a minimum of 64 hours underwater at 1 meter depth.  It’s no wonder that the StingRay has become a key audio system speaker in some of the worlds most impressive Yachts.

The StingRay line of outdoor speakers are offered in matte black or matte white. The StingRay family can also be special ordered custom painted to match any décor. To offer a completely unique finish option, select the Image Wrap version to have an actual photograph of the speaker’s surroundings or even artwork laminated directly to the face of the speaker.

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