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Invisible Speaker Accessories


Wood Back Box


The BX box is ideal for both new construction and when retrofitting Stealth speakers into existing walls or ceilings where there are no plenum requirements. The BX enclosure helps with sound isolation and speaker performance.

The wood constructed boxes are shipped pre-assembled and pre-painted. A terminal cup with speaker wire pigtails allow the back box to be attached to the speaker before the speaker is installed. Roxul™ insulation is included for the interior of the box.


Metal Back Box


MBX back boxes can be used in walls or ceilings where a UL rated metal enclosure is required behind the speaker or to reduce sound transfer to adjacent spaces.  At 3-1/2” (89 mm) deep, the MBX series of back boxes will fit into standard 2×4 stud bays or larger apertures and are designed to fit in between 16” (406 mm) on-center studs.

MBX metal back boxes are constructed of 1.1 mm thick metal, are UL listed, and shipped fully assembled.  Convenient knockouts for conduit are provided, 2 each on the top and bottom of the box.  The knockouts will accept either 1/2” (13 mm) or 3/4” (19 mm) conduits and loom clamps.


Adjustable Metal Back Box


The versatile, UL listed MBA back boxes are built to adapt to whatever framing configuration you may have on the job site.  MBA back boxes are recommended for installations:

1. Where the space behind the speaker is open;

2. Where a metal closure is required and the mounting distance between the framing members is less than 16” (406 mm) on center;

3. When using metal studs or hat channel/suspended hard lid ceilings.

MBA series back boxes are constructed of 1.1 mm thick metal and are shipped unassembled, ready for your custom configuration needs and UL listed. Convenient 1/2” (13 mm) and 3/4” (19 mm)knockouts for conduit are provided.


Metal Back Box For Masonry Construction


Use the MBC wood and metal back boxes for installing Stealth’s invisible speakers into masonry walls or ceilings, and can be installed either after the masonry is set or before to avoid chipping out a location in the masonry.  The wood portion of the box provides a stable and secure attachment point for the speaker while the outer metal shell provides protection from the surrounding masonry.

Constructed of 1.2 mm thick metal, MBC back boxes are shipped fully assembled. Convenient knockouts for conduit are provided, 1 each on the top and bottom of the box. The knockouts will accept 1/2” (13 mm) conduits and loom clamps. The MBC back box is lined on all four sides with 3/4” (19mm) plywood to provide solid mounting surfaces for the speaker panel.




PlaceSavers® are temporary place-holders for use on new construction, which allows the invisible speaker to be installed at a later phase in the project, while maintaining its exact spot free of drywall.  This protects the invisible speakers by reducing it’s exposure to the harsh construction environment.

Each Stealth Acoustics speaker panel has a corresponding PlaceSaver® model.  PlaceSavers® are sold in packs of six and are re-usable.  PlaceSavers® should be installed at the pre-wire stage and replaced with the speaker panel just before drywall finishing begins.  They also have labels on the front with space to write in the Stealth Acoustic Dealer name and phone number incase any other trades run into issues.

PlaceSavers® are built from 1/2” MDF and are sized slightly larger than the speaker panel it is reserving space for. This insures that no matter how tight the drywall is hung to the PlaceSaver®, the speaker panel will easily drop into place when the Place Saver is removed. The PlaceSavers® have 1/8” deep x 7/8” wide grooves on the back side that match the mounting flanges on the Stealth Acoustic speaker panels. This insures that if the PlaceSaver® is centered properly on the structural framing the speaker panel will be also.


Shim Kit


The Shim Kit allows for the speaker panels face to be shimmed out further depending on the finishing method. Each kit contains both 1/16” (1.6 mm) and 1/8” (3.2 mm) thick shims in bundles of 25.

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